Do you want to change your thought patterns?

Do you want to break bad habits?

Do you want to overcome your obstacles to reach your full potential?

Important Notice

My successful Hypnosis program in now ONLINE via Zoom, Skype and Face Time. Contact me to arrange your dedicated online session on 0402 162 805 or  click email


It’s so important right now to take care of your mental health. It's a well-known fact that if you are feeling stressed, fearful, and you’re flipping between anxiety and depression, this can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infection.

I also offer my IBS program and Insomniaaddictions and  weight loss programs in remote sessions that you can do in the comfort of your own home.


I can help you identify and work through the underlying causes of addiction, to empower you to see the addictive behaviour as something you can control and can overcome.

Anxiety and Depression


Hypnotherapy can be effective in the treatment of anxiety by inducing a calming state of mind and body, enabling the body to counteract the effects of adrenalin.

Irritable Bowl Syndrome


We can give you back the power and control of your life without negative side effects. We do this by teaching you how to influence and gain control of your IBS.



How would it feel to give up smoking and be in control? If you are ready I can help you through hypnosis to become a non-smoker for life. 

Pain Management


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be an advantage in pain management because it is a natural and drug free therapy.


Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

Pre- and Post-Operations

It has been shown that some patients who 

experienced hypnosis prior to or after  surgery require less 

anaesthetic and reported less pain and nausea.

Weight Loss


With hypnotic techniques, you can change old habits and patterns of behaviour; heal past hurts and discard negative beliefs.

Resource Therapy


This psychotherapy is based on the understanding that our experiences in life determine our understanding of the world and how we behave.

Sleep Disorders



Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a natural and non-evasive therapy. I can teach you techniques to help you get a better sleep. 

Dental Anxiety



Clinical hypnosis is successful in alleviating gag reflex, nervousness, anxiety, panic and fear. We can help you have a stress-free experience.

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