Dental Anxiety

Dental fear and anxiety is real, if you are reading this you may be one of the “*one in seven people in Australian who are afraid to see the dentist”. I can help you overcome your fear and anxiety by teaching you self –hypnosis. Imagine what it would be like to learn hypnosis to control your fear and anxiety about the dentist.

Just know that it’s achievable that you can change, I personally use hypnosis for dental work and I feel no pain. I have had mouth surgery with 21 stitches and several other dental procedures all without using pain medication and my healing was accelerated all through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is ideal for

  • Reducing dental anxiety

  • Reducing or eliminating damaging teeth grinding

  • Lessening temporomandibular disorders

  • Decreasing teeth clenching

  • Diminishing tongue thrust and reverse swallowing

  • Prevention of gagging and nausea


Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding happens unconsciously at night while you’re asleep, sometimes it can happen during the day if you are anxious. This grinding wears down your teeth, can chip or crack teeth and can lead to pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and surrounding facial muscles. There are a variety of solutions that can aid with the symptoms of bruxism, the most popular is the dental splint or night guard. While guards are of great benefit there are some people who find them extremely difficult to wear, or despite the guard, still grind at night. This is where hypnosis can be effective to change this unconscious behavior.

Nervousness Anxiety and Gag Reflex

Clinical hypnosis is successful in alleviating gag reflex, nervousness, anxiety, panic and fear. Hypnosis can help you experience a positive and stress-free time while at the dentist. The benefit of being calm is that you can allow the dentist to work as efficiently as possible.

Speeding up Healing and Controlling Discomfort

Hypnosis is very successful in helping the healing process, this is supported by evidence  based research from Australian Dental Journal and two studies from Harvard Medical School.

If you'd like to know more, Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a free 15 minute phone consultation. 




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