Pre- and Post- Operation Hypnosis

Pre and Post-operative Surgery

Surgeon’s and doctors are brilliant at what they do and are careful to take the time to explain everything to you. However in this unfamiliar territory we can become anxious.

Hypnosis is a perfect addition if you are about to have surgery. With over 40 years of research in to the effectiveness of hypnosis, studies have found that before and after surgery hypnosis allows the patient to be calm and relaxed with minimum anxiety about the procedure with the added benefit of accelerated healing.
That nervous, anxious feeling that accompanies most people into the operating room has been linked to patients experiencing more pain, a greater need for painkillers and longer stays in the hospital after surgery. It has been proven that preoperative anxiety can have big effects on postoperative recovery.

A study conducted in 2007 and published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, randomly selected 200 patients who were about to undergo breast cancer surgery. This group was given hypnosis prior to surgery and the results of the study showed that the patients who used hypnosis required less anesthetic and reported less pain, nausea and fatigue after surgery.


The study also found the cost of the surgery was lower as the patients required less medication.
Study results

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