Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant experience, most of us can relate to having experienced pain at some stage of our life.


For those people who suffer with chronic pain they usually have a diminished lifestyle. Hypnosis is a holistic approach and it is has few negative side-affects. With hypnotherapymost clients report positive side effects, such as improved sense of well-being, a greater sense of control, improved sleep and increased satisfaction with life.

Through hypnosis I can guide you into accessing your subconscious mind. By doing so it is possible to control and restrain the processes or feelings occurring in the body to reduce the pain symptoms. 

I had suffered with chronic pain and I have personally had amazing success with hypnosis. I am totally committed to keeping up to date with current research and I am always developing my skills in order to give you the best practice in hypnosis.

There is a vast amount of scientific research by prestigious universities and hospitals from around the world, where examples of hypnosis in relation to pain and the evidence of research is remarkable. I have included a few articles that will give you an understanding of just how amazing hypnosis is. I hope that you will become as enthusiastic as I am about controlling your pain or even being pain free.

The advantages of Hypnosis

The reason that Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy is an advantage is because it natural and drug free therapy and the benefits can last a lifetime. However, the hypnotic state will unlock and the pain will come back, if this occurs it is a sign that you need to see your doctor.


Hypnotherapy can also help burns victims, cancer patients and people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The latest trend is Hypno Birthing, where childbirth is pain free. The media in the UK suggest that the Duchess of Windsor, (Kate Middleton) is using Hypno Birthing for her second child.

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