Resource Therapy

For many years I have constantly trained and studied to refine my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Counselor. I am passionate about delivering excellent outcomes to my clients, and I am invested in the work that I do which is delivering unique and individualized therapy. It never ceases to amaze me how the human mind can change and adapt.

As I am constantly training and refining my skills which lead me to the work of Prof. Gordon Emmerson PhD, work on Resource Therapy. Prof Emmerson is highly respected in his field and has worked on personality theories for many decades. He has combined his skills of both quantitative research and therapy to create Resource Therapy.

Resource Therapy is a psychotherapy based on the understanding that the personality is composed of parts. It is our experiences in life which determine our understanding of the world and how we act and behave,

Our brains are experts at taking in information, no doubt you have heard all about Neuroscience and the evidence that our brains have plasticity. The wonderful news is that we can re-wire the brain for change by creating new neural pathways.


The exciting news is that I can assist you in a short timeframe to help you. Below are some of the areas that RT is useful for:

⦁ Anxiety
⦁ Depression
⦁ Addictions
⦁ Eating disorder
⦁ Obsessions and Compulsions
⦁ Fears and Phobias
⦁ Insomnia
⦁ Procrastination.

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