"I feel SO good about things that is all because of you Michelle!! So thank you. I can’t wait for my next session to see you!" L.W.

"Addiction was my middle name – I was addicted to everything sweet and fattening. I am truly blessed that I am no longer addicted thanks to you. I feel amazing powerful I beat my addiction." M.W.

"I was addicted to everything, I had lost my business, friends and most of my family had had enough of me. I was sick of the constant lying and stress,  I was so alone my world was collapsing.  I hit rock bottom and I was ready to change my life. Then I found you and my recovery commenced.  I will admit it was hard at times and we never gave up.  I can’t believe how much I love my life now it’s better than ever." N.W

Anxiety and Depression

"You know when you have met someone so special and you can tell by the way how they make you feel. Michelle you are a special person and you have helped me so much. I was suffering with debilitating anxiety and now my life is so completely changed – I never could have imagined that I would feel this good again. There are not enough words to express my gratitude." C.K.

"Wow there’s so much to tell you! It’s been up and down but I’ve gotten through things and handled situations so much better, smarter and stronger than I usually would have and everything has worked out . My life is Positive!"  E.W. 

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“Having suffered from IBS for many years, having tried a myriad of other treatments I had almost given up hope when I decided to try Michelle’s Irritable Bowel Program.  After completing it I have never felt better. I would recommend anyone suffering from IBS to try Michelle’s program.” F.V.

"The pain and embarrassment I suffered was crippling, I was always having to find toilets which was such a nightmare most of the time I was scared to leave home in case I had an accident. This effected my work and social life. After seven weeks of therapy my IBS symptoms are gone. You cannot believe how much my life has changed. Michelle I only hope that when people read this that they will contact you." Anon




“Just thought I’d let you know the results of our sessions as I’ve only just of yesterday, put my issue with needles to the test in the real world.

The first time I tried dry needling with my physio some months back, I broke into sweats and almost passed out from 2 injections of the small needles. I’m happy to report that yesterday I had not 2 but 4 applications of the very same needles without ANY reaction (other than local discomfort) at all!

So thank you again for your help as it seems to have kicked me into a positive new direction 🙂 Many thanks.” C

PTSD & Chronic Pain

“I have been a sufferer of chronic pain, headaches and fatigue for much of my 25-year-old life. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being raised in an environment fraught with terror. I attended every sort of physical specialist imaginable to relief my suffering: doctors, oesteopaths, physiotherapists, deep tissue massage therapists and chiropractors. However, no root physical problem could be found and any relief provided was temporary: my problems were deemed a manifestation of stress. 

The problem was that I tend not to be consciously stressed in day-to-day life. I do not suffer anxiety-laden thought patterns that could be worked through and revised. My conscious mind was seemingly balanced. I am a high-achiever and exercise daily. Yet I was perpetually pushing through a haze of pain, with it sometimes feeling as nails were being put through my spine.

After reading academic articles about soldiers suffering PTSD finding relief in hypnotherapy I decided, though sceptical, to give it a try. The day after my first session I awoke with my back relaxed and feeling as if my brain had been lit up.
I realised that was what it felt like to be awake. I am midway through my treatment, but I now have something I have long been missing – hope.” D.

"Following a bout of Shingles on my face & scalp, I developed Post Herpetic Neuralgia (nerve pain).  The pain and intractable ITCH,  particularly at night, heavily impacted my life. 


Unfortunately, conventional medicine failed to make a lasting impression on my symptoms, and I was desperate for relief. 
I contacted Michelle because of her experience with chronic pain. 


Through hypnosis, Michelle taught me to use relaxation, positive language, and visualisation to manage my symptoms. A bonus was that the eczema I'd had for most of my life also improved! 


I'm very grateful to Michelle for her dedication, perseverance and professional expertise, and would happily recommend her." T.


"Hi Michelle, I would like to update you, thank you for helping me manage my pain. I was in so much pain that everything I did was extremely difficult and I felt hopeless and lost. Now my pain intensity has reduced significantly and I am in a better frame of mind. I wish that I had found you years ago."  J.

Stress & Anxiety

“I consulted Michelle Levin for help during a very stressful period in my life.  Her calm professional manner immediately put me at ease and I began to look forward to my weekly session.  I also noticed how much these weekly session soothed me and helped to  cope with the stress I was going through. I am so grateful to Michelle for helping me get through this tough period.” J.L


“Hi Michelle it’s been two years now since I have stopped smoking. I still find it’s amazing that I can be around other people who smoke and I don’t want to smoke.  


My health has improved greatly and I now enjoy a new active life and have saved money too!

Thank so much I could not have done without your help.” A.

"I called Michelle just out of curiosity... I felt it was finally the time to quit smoking since I smoked for 18 years. After trying with my own will (for few months) I kept failing!


When I walked in the studio, I loved the vibe and the calm surrounding me, Michelle asked me few routine questions and straight after I was into trance. 


I can tell you it is one of the most fascinating experience I had in my life especially because I haven’t smoked since! M.C.


"Your treatment definitely worked and I am fitter and healthier for it. Thank you!" E.C.


—  C

—  C

Weight Loss

“When I first saw Michelle I was very much a victim of overeating. A typical young woman in her late twenties, having yo-yo dieted, lost and gained weight, lost weight for events only to put it back on. I’d been on exercise plans that had failed, would overeat due to emotions and then over exercise to compensate. My anxiety was through the roof. Quite frankly, I was exhausted and felt I was trapped In my body.


In only 5 sessions with Michelle she was able to help me unlock the core route of my eating problems and habits, and it turned out that I lacked a significant confidence in myself that I wasn’t unaware of. Since the initial consultation with Michelle I have learnt about myself, what drives me in life and how to achieve what I want. I am much lighter In weight, my energy has improved, I have had many business opportunities that I couldn’t of imagined before and my dating life is great.

I no longer doubt and question myself like I used to and am much more able to rationalise and move on until I succeed. From once being an anxious, insecure over eater,  I now consider myself a calm, reliant person, and would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone. I had previously done nine years of conventional therapy and nothing has ever had such a positive lasting impact on my life. Since – I have had friends that have done hypnotherapy and we all have only positive words to say for it.


Life changing and highly efficient, hypnotherapy has truly changed my life for the better and the tools I’ve learnt from Michelle, I will carry out on all of my future endeavors.” G.S

“I approached Michelle Levin at Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy because I was sick and tired of struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy helped me by taking a positive approach to weight loss and my overall health rather than the negative approach some weight loss advocates tend to favour. One thing I liked was her holistic approach to helping me manage my weight.

The result has been a steady weight loss, healthier meals and actually enjoying regular exercise. I found the experience very beneficial and have used it to develop and sustain practical ways to lose weight and improve my overall health.

I would recommend Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy to people who struggle with weight problems and feel they need help to start on a journey of sustainable weight loss and better health.” G.X

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